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News For Dummies: “Around The World” Edition

March Issue

Leah Johnson, News Editor

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Busy school life? Not enough time to read long articles? News For Dummies provides short, easy-to-read reports on news all around the world.

1. North America: Trudeau Meets Trump

On Monday, February 13, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, met with Donald Trump in a press conference. The Guardian reports that it was apparent that Trudeau wished to avoid conflict with the US leader; however, this remained difficult while discussing some points of conflict, such as refugees and immigration.

2. North America: Taking Refuge in Mexico

With stronger enforcement at the US border, stricter requirements for immigration, and Trump’s incendiary talk about the border control, those fleeing dangerous situations in south American countries are being forced to evaluate their options. Creating a new life in the US has become only more difficult for people fleeing the violence found in their home countries, and many have begun to consider Mexico as a potential place to start anew. According to interviews conducted by the New York Times, many South American refugees have decided to remain in Mexico and try to begin a new life instead of attempting to cross into the United States. Many of the interviewed cited

3. Middle East: Turkey in Approaching Trump

After the election of Donald Trump, many world leaders have been wondering how to approach this unexpected new President. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, according to the New York Times, has shifted from calling out Trump for his islamophobic remarks, to remaining quiet in an attempt to focus on renewing relations with the US.

4. Africa: Chinese-built Railways Run Through Ethiopia

A six year railway project, financed and built by the Chinese, has finally been completed. The result: the first electric transnational railway in Africa, according to the New York Times. According to the Africa Development Bank, infrastructure deficit maintains a crippling force in the African economy. Hopefully, this new railway is just the first of many.

5. Europe: Fate of German Politics

World politics were were profoundly impacted in 2016, from Brexit to Trump, and now as 2017 begins, and European elections are getting underway, the question is asked: What surprises lie in wait? According to the New York Times, Germany, and other European countries have seen a worrisome rise in far-right parties, however, there has recently been a push back by the far-left. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a center-left Social Democrat recently won a political victory, that will provide him much influence in the German government. With only seven months until elections, Germany balances between right and left, and whichever side wins, the world will feel the effects.

6. Asia: Battle in Kashmir

Violence in Kashmir resulted from the Indian police’s attack on a village where they learned militants were located. According to the New York times, the resulted battle ended in the deaths of four militants, two soldiers, and one civilian dead. However, the violence continued when a crowd formed to mourn the militants. The New York Times reports that the police used tear gas on the protesters and fired birdshot bullets, which injured 21 people. After three years of struggle for independence from India, the most recent battle does not look as if there has been much progress for Kashmir.

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